Only two things are certain- senior housing and taxes

April 16, 2018 meeting highlights It was an interesting night at the town council meeting.  You know it is going to be interesting when you show up for a meeting and there are no parking spaces.  Aside from the drama from the meeting about the police memorial and some discussion about safety at our schools, … More Only two things are certain- senior housing and taxes

April Meetings

Town Council April 16 @ 7 Special Meeting- April 28 @ 10:00 Planning Board April 4 @ 4 April 11 @ 6 April 30 @ 6:00 Reconsider waste water management plan and public workshop on conceptual plan for Atlantic Beach district Middletown Economic Development and Advisory Committee (MEDAC) April 11 @ 4:30

March Meetings

Town Council TC Meeting March 5 Zoning Board – March 27 @ 6, Town Council Chambers March 27 @ 6       Continuations       More Continuations Planning Board March 26 @ 4

Up at the State House

For those of you who missed it, last night Representative Deborah Ruggiero hosted a constituent meeting in Middletown at the Public Library. Like the rest of the country, Rhode Island legislators have their eyes on Florida and want to figure out a way to prevent another Parkland.  We had a meaningful and open dialogue about … More Up at the State House

Constituent Meetings

Dear Neighbor and Friend,  I hope you can attend one of my CONSTITUENT MEETINGS:  Tues. Feb. 20th     7:00pm    Jamestown Senior Center,  6 West Street Thurs. Feb. 22nd  6:30pm     Middletown Library, 700 West Main Rd  I’m interested in listening to your views on the PawSox, the Governor’s Budget, my legislation on AGING IN THE COMMUNITY, Extension of … More Constituent Meetings

February Meetings

Town Council Regular Meeting February 5 @ 7 Additional agenda for Feb 5 Meeting Zoning Board February 27 @ 6:00 Planning Board February 1 @ 3:00- Special Meeting Site Visits February 14 @ 6, Town Council Chambers February 26 @ 6, Town Council Chambers Middletown Economic Development and Advisory Committee February 14 @ 4:30, Town … More February Meetings

January Meetings

  Town Council January 16 at 7:00, Town Hall, executive session and school committee at 5&6 January 30 at 6:00  Beach Commission January 9th at 4:30, Middletown Fire Station Community Room Planning Board January 10th at 6:00, Middletown Town Council January 11 at 4:00, Middletown Town Hall (2nd floor conference room) Subcommittee potential affordable housing … More January Meetings