Constituent Meetings


Dear Neighbor and Friend, 

I hope you can attend one of my CONSTITUENT MEETINGS: 

Tues. Feb. 20th     7:00pm    Jamestown Senior Center,  6 West Street

Thurs. Feb. 22nd  6:30pm     Middletown Library, 700 West Main Rd 

I’m interested in listening to your views on the PawSox, the Governor’s Budget, my legislation on AGING IN THE COMMUNITY, Extension of Foster Care to 21, or whatever you’d like to discuss.  Your opinions and concerns matter to me. Hope to see you!  

Governor’s Budget includes Two of Rep. Ruggiero’s bills—Extending State Foster Care to 21 and Increase Funding for Senior Centers: 

H7098 puts $400,000 in the state budget to further fund municipalities that operate senior centers. “The population of 65+ will grow from 152,000 to 247,00 over the next decade,” says Rep. Ruggiero, “as demographics shift, we need to make senior policy issues a priority in the years ahead.”

 H7110 extends the age of state foster care from 18 to 21.  “Most teenagers aren’t ready to be adults at the stroke of midnight on their 18th birthday”, says Rep Ruggiero, “how many 18 year-olds can get an apartment, pay for rent and take care of themselves? We’ve seen societal costs with increased teen pregnancies, crime and incarcerations, and homelessness; let’s do what’s right for our kids and taxpayers.”


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