Is Middletown stuck in the past?


People come to visit Middletown for a few reasons; to visit Newport, to attend the many festivals, to attend a wedding, and of course to visit the beach.

In 2014, Middletown adopted the Comprehensive Community Plan. Since being adopted the plan has been amended one time in 2015. The Comprehensive Community Plan should be a living-breathing document. As things change in the community and the world, the community needs to revisit and amend the plan to make sure we are moving in the right direction.

The town can amend the plan up to 4 times a year. The existing plan does not include the Newport Beach House and Atlantic Resort, two venues that are already increasing interest and visits to the area. Traffic studies in the plan date back to 2009, nearly a decade ago.

Residents have some new and fresh ideas about how to improve the town and keep it growing for the future. We want to maintain the charm of a New England Beach Community but find a way for smart growth to attract the residents of the future.

We are a flying through 2017, we deserve a plan that grows through the years and does not stay stuck in the past.


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